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The Ultra-Frangible® technology was designed and developed with our Law Enforcement, Government, Military and Security Professionals in mind.

In the 1990’s, speculation about federal mandates requiring use of lead-free ammunition sparked development of many types of non-toxic ammunition. Lead-free and frangible ammunition was included in this new generation of non-toxic ammunition. Unfortunately, much of the frangible ammunition developed could not meet the accuracy requirements necessary to be considered a “true” replacement for jacketed lead core ammunition. Other issues, such as unreliable weapon function, excessive barrel wear, and an inability to withstand harsh shipment and use conditions, prevented this type of ammunition from becoming a viable alternative to jacketed lead core ammunition. In development of the Ultra-Frangible® technology, the goal was to provide a “true” replacement for jacketed lead core ammunition, and to overcome the known problems with other lead-free frangible available. This goal has not only been met, but it has been exceeded!

Overcoming the Problems:

First, the ammunition had to be as accurate as jacketed lead core ammunition, better yet; it should be even more accurate than jacketed lead core ammunition. Accuracy can be affected by many variables, but one key contributor is the projectile! To achieve superior accuracy, the projectile must be designed to be ballistically balanced, it must be homogenous, and the manufacturing process must be carefully controlled to consistently produce projectiles that meet tight tolerance requirements. All of this must be achieved in large-scale production runs, and ammunition made with the projectiles must able to be loaded in high volume on automatic loading equipment, without fracturing the projectile. AccuTec USA® brand projectiles meet all of these requirements!   
Next, weapon function must be flawless -- even with linked ammunition. We accomplished this task by paying strict attention to projectile design, developing “universal” designs that will work in many host weapons and by carefully developing ammunition loads that reliably function the weapons. The projectiles are so well constructed and designed; loads can be tailored to ensure function in proprietary weapon systems, without having to change the projectile design.

We minimized barrel wear by including anti-barrel wear additives in the projectile formulation. The projectiles do not require plating or a copper jacket – it’s the projectile that touches the barrel. There is no metal on metal friction that can wear the barrel.


Last, the projectile must be able to withstand rigorous shipping requirements, combat handling conditions, and still perform flawlessly. The AccuTec USA® brand projectile is composed of an impact resistant polymer-matrix blend. The projectiles can withstand water, sun, cold and hot weather conditions without detrimental performance consequences!


Custom designed projectiles, cores, slugs, or other types of frangible ammunition components can be manufactured with AccuTec USA® Ultra-Frangible® Bullet & Ammunition Technology.

Genesis GRP LLC dba AccuTec USA® is the exclusive licensee of this unique, patented frangible technology. Click Here for Information About Licensing the AccuTec USA® Ultra-Frangible® Bullet & Ammunition Technology.



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